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Smooth turn knobs -> notched turn knobs
I have an early version of the NDLR with knobs that turn smoothly and can be pretty fiddly for certain things. I've noticed that newer builds updated the knobs with some notched resistance in their turn, making them more precise.

Is there a way for me to update my smooth knobs to the newer knobs?
It would require surgery, but it's not that difficult. Not a project I would undergo without a bit of soldering experience however. I'll ask Darryl if the parts are 1 to 1 replacements, I think they are.
Hello, I have to same problem: early version with knobs too sensible (the issue is also mentioned in the loopop review)

Is there a way to improve this ? I'm comfortable with soldering.

Thank you
I can't recommend it as it's pretty invasive, but I can tell you how I would do it if it was me doing the project. I can supply the part number for the encoders, (or if you would prefer I think Darryl would sell them to you for a fair price if I asked).

The job is basically unscrew the panel from the case (m5 hex screws) then pull off the encoders caps and remove the nuts and washers. separate the main board and front panel, carefully collecting the glass screen. for removing the encoders I usually use side cutters to cut off the individual legs, then flood the anchor pins with desoldering alloy like chip quick, which when mixed with solder creates an alloy that remains liquid until almost room temp. Heat that up and it's usually pretty easy to get the anchors out. then desolder each pin and soak up all excess solder with a solder braid/ solder sucker. Once all the holes are clear you can pop the new encoder in and solder it up.

Do this 8 times and put it all back together.

The things that can go wrong are pins can get stuck and if that happens it's possible to pull the ring out of the hole with it. This is a bad outcome, but easily worked around with a small wire to the correct pin. I can help figure that out if it happens.

If you do want to go ahead with that, please email me at and I can get that part number for you etc.
Mine is recent version but requires 2 clicks to get a +1 increment. Is that the expected behavior?
Yes, that is correct.

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