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Using C-P1 with Remote patching?
I've got two MRCCs and I'd like to use the C-P1 mod for routing tracks from my sequencer, this works fine for the ports on the same MRCC the sequencer is connected to, but it doesn't seem to work for any remote routings.

C1 -> 5 with Mod1 set to C-P1 will allow me to use channel 5 on the sequencer to send midi to Port 5 on channel 1
C1 -> r3 with Mod1 set to C-P1 doesn't appear to let anything through to the remote MRCC
I will add this to the bug tracker.
(11-21-2022, 07:48 PM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote: I will add this to the bug tracker.

I hate to bring back the past, buuuut... I just tripped into this today. Latest firmware. I was figuring that r1 would map to 11(?) or some such. Nada.

A static route from a main-box input to a remote port *does* work, so the data channel is ready fer ya'!

Thanks Jesse! 
- mark
How would this need to work in order to be useful? I'm seeing two ways that it be done:
1. you could pass ch13-16 to remote ports 1-4, offering ~some~ individual port routings but not for all potential ports.
2. you would pass ch1-12 to remote ports 1-12 or 1-5 if using remote 7, duplicating the routings of the first unit.
It seems like it would be easier to implement solution 1 as it wouldn't require as much in the way of checking what's going on downstream and would offer individual port access, without doubling outputs.
3rd option would probably be something like a toggle for local or remote on the mod, so that if selected, it would only route to the remote device (if present)... This seems like it has more opportunity for problems as users may not have a remote device and if it got toggled by accident it may not work as expected, leading to problems.
What do you think?

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