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How to contact support

I recently bought a NDLR with the secret sale.

Unfortunately the device I received does seem to have a hardware problem: knob 4 isn't working. Here's a little movie I made about the problem:

I contact support about this, but did not get an answer. I don't suspect any foul play, maybe my mail would up in spam somehow?

If you're one of the people at Conductive labs reading this, could you please reach out and tell me what to do? Easiest solution would be to ship an other functioning unit to me, but I'd also take a refund if a new unit is not an option.
Het Freekmurze, can you try sending an email to and or PM me your email address and I'll reach out to you. I'd be happy to help get that issue solved for you.
I sent a mail to that email address. Thanks!

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