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clock recv on ndlr after rt stop
hi! first time poster... i ran into an issue today that i didn't see documentation or a forum post addressing, but please forgive me if i missed something. i have a digitakt, MRCC, NDLR, and sh-4d, with digitakt sending the clock and start/stop. when i boot everything up, things work as expected, i.e., NDLR is seeing the clock signal and if i arm any of the parts, the NDLR sends the appropriate note messages. however, when i hit stop on the digitakt, NDRL seems to stop receiving clock. looking at MRCC, the clock is still being sent to NDLR, but the indicator stops blinking on the main screen in NDLR and the clock on the menu page does not indicate that clock is being received either. i just upgraded both firmwares to be sure i wasn't missing some fix. any suggestions would be much appreciated!
i also tried using MRCC as the the clock source with the same results. additionally, after a start, the bpm on NDLR does seem to jump up about 5 bpm from the steady state and then falls back into line. both digitakt and MRCC send clock after stop, so it seems this shouldn't be the behavior?
I'm away from my NDLR at the moment, but it should be possible to test this with the gear you mentioned. I can take a look at mine in a bit and see if my results vary.

If you have the MRCC handy, you can connect the DIGITAKT through the MRCC to the NDLR (use DIN for the DIGITAKT), then route them, and open the MIDI monitor and navigate to the play button and press the blue select button to turn the MIDI monitor on. Try your experiment, starting and stopping the DIGI and see if clock continues to be sent.

When the NDLR is set to external clock, it literally does nothing when it stops receiving clock, it's like a big jack in the box waiting for the clock to crank it along, so it sounds like that's what's happening, but let me know what the test shows.
I also found that the NDLR seems to keep sending clock even when in slave mode (unless it transmits the clock?).
I could block this through midi filter in the mioXL but sync and clock are really deceptive.
How about you send me an email at and maybe we can set up a zoom call (or whatever) and talk it over.

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